What if employee security awareness could be turned into an employee benefit? Would that make a difference? We think so.

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Cybercrooks call them Candy Stores – high net worth families, professional advisors, and successful small businesses that offer a very big payoff with a very low risk.

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Latest News: Privide founder partners with Credit Sesame, Malwarebytes, Lookout and many others to raise security awareness in communities across America. Learn more.


High Net Worth

Two Birds. One Stone.

What if we could raise consumer security awareness nationally, while at the same time raising employee security awareness too? Learn more.

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Our Product?

The most effective security awareness at the most affordable price. Because security awareness is something everyone should have and be able to afford. See how we do it.

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Meet Privide

He's been described as the most expreienced personal security expert on the planet, and his speciality is people security. Meet the founder of the people security company.

It's one of the many unpleasant realities of the constant battle to protect the enterprise. The more you invest in the physical and technology perimeters, the more vulnerable the human perimeter becomes.

- Neal O'Farrell, founder of Privide,, June 2001.


News and Alerts

News and Alerts

Employee security awareness is here to stay, but the old way is a failed way. Privide is about to launch the biggest leap in employee security awareness in a decade. Learn more.

Understanding the Risks

We Live Awareness

The founder of Privide is leading a nationwide campaign, in partnership with security and business leaders, to raise security awareness in communities across America. Lean more.

The Best Experts

The Documentary

See how the founder of Privide uses the words of criminals, prosecutors, and victims to educate consumers and employees about the risks and consequences of identity theft. More.

Security Buzz

Privide founder partners with security leaders to raise consumer awareness one community at a time. Learn more.

Could the spike in tax id theft be connected to a massive hidden data breach? Privide founder talks about it with the Wall St. Journal.


Serving the Community

As part of our long-standing commitment to the community and to victims, Privide supports the Identity Theft Council, an award-winning non-profit founded in 2010 to provide free support to victims, free training to law enforcement, and free education to the community.

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