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Cybercrooks call them Candy Stores - High Net Worth Families and the Experts who Advise them

As the industry of cybercrime expands and matures, higher net worth families and their advisors have become one of the hottest targets. And it’s about more than just your good credit. Today’s criminals are also after intelligence – your secrets, your connections and contacts, your business dealings and personal finances, even your most private discussions. Anything they can sell to others, ransom back to you, or exploit in some other way.


Privide knows this market and challenge better than anyone, and we're the first security consultancy firm to offer a blended solution that protects both advisors - wealth managers, financial advisors, and family offices -  and their clients. Learn more about who we are and how we do it.

Protect Your BusinessWe offer a comprehensive and multi-layered security program specifically designed for wealth and financial advisors and family offices. More.
Protect Your ClientsGive them round-the-clock access to some of the top personal security experts, to protect their security, privacy, identity, and reputation. More.
Employee Security TrainingYour team is your biggest assest but also your greatest vulnerability. Constant and customized security awareness is your best defense. Time to meet their new Chief Awareness Officer. More.
Client Security PresentationsJoin firms like US Bank Private Client Reserve and dozens of others who have treated their most valued clients to one of our private security presentations. More.

The Best Experts

Security. Privacy. Identity. Reputation.

We've got you covered


Client Security

Your clients are your biggest asset and your top priority. No one has more experience in protecting the security and privacy of high net worth families than us. 

Practice/Office Security

Every business needs a world class security plan, and our unique hybrid program addresses both the protection of your firm or family office, and your clients.

Data Protection

We'll layer your data, and your client data, with the very best security available - from policies and processes to advanced access controls and encryption. 


Whether it's SEC, FINRA, PCI or any of the myriad of security and privacy regulations, our experts have you covered.


A security breach is not just an invasion of privacy, it's an assault on reputation. Our team has worked on numerous data breaches and can help you plan for prevention and response.

Network and Systems

Includes constant external security scans and penetration testing of your networks, servers, and websites to identify vulnerabilities before hackers do. 
guest interview

He went by the name Gollumfun, and he founded one of the world's first hacker marketplaces

Brett Johnson, AKA Gollumfun, was a co-founder of Shadowcrew, one of the world’s first and biggest hacker marketplaces. Shadowcrew members were responsible for some of the world’s biggest data breaches and for stealing more than 170 million credit cards. Hear his take on today’s security and why high net worth consumers and their advisors are such an easy target.

Looking For Custom Training Or A Client Presentation?

Whether it's awareness building for your employees, or an exclusive and personal presentation for select clients, we can help. We've done the same for US Trust, US Bank Private Client Reserve, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Stifel Nicolaus, American Century, Ameriprise and many others. Learn more.

The Threat Is Real

“Advisors, Get Paranoid: Your Firm Is a Hacker’s Candy Store. HNW clients are prime targets for cybercrooks; advisors need to ‘live and breathe’ security.”
Think Advisor
"Celebrities, high-net-worth individuals and politicos are in extortionists’ crosshairs."
“Cyber criminals are trawling through wealth managers’ websites as well as social media networks to target the rich and trick them.”
Financial Times

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